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Take your time on the warm-up race!This little race lets you get the hang of various hamsterball tricks without affecting your time pool.So you can zoom through it or dawdle....... We don't care.Nothing you do on this race will affect your tournament stats

–Pre-race description in Tournament

Level info
The Warm-Up race

Level type


Previous Race


Next Race

Beginner Race



Signature feature

First level;

Golden Weasel Award

6.6 seconds

The Warm-up Race is the first race in the Hamsterball Tournament. As such, it is the easiest and shortest race in the game.

Visual AppearanceEdit

The Warm-Up Race's checkered color is pink and white.

The walls are colored light pink.

And the background or "space" color is dark magenta.


Since this is the first race, it does not have any obstacle or enemies.

Time TrialEdit

These times are needed to achieve medals:

  • Bronze medal - 15.0
  • Silver medal - 10.3
  • Gold medal - 7.6


  • The Warm-Up Race shares the same color pattern (pink and white) with Glass Race. Although the background color is different.
  • This level is the most basic race. While other races have signature features (e.g. Toob Race has Toobs; Sky Race has Pokey Pipes), Warm-up has none, and it is just primarily used for one to understand the basics of the game.
  • Although the race's theme is pinkish, the race flag is black and white, unlike other races.
  • The race has a total of eight regular ramps and one special ramp.

Walkthrough and GalleryEdit

Hamsterball gold Warm up race 3,6 sec no broken ball00:13

Hamsterball gold Warm up race 3,6 sec no broken ball

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