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Take your time on the Warm-up Race! This easy little race lets you get the hang of various Hamsterball tricks without affecting your time pool. So you can zoom through it, or dawdle... We don't care! Nothing you do on this race will affect your tournament stats!

–Description in Tournament mode

Warm-up Race
The Warm-up Race as shown in Tournament mode.

Level Type


Time Pool

Pipsqueak - 70.0s Normal - 65.0s Frenzied - 60.0s

Par For The Course

Pipsqueak - 57.0s Normal - 52.0s Frenzied - 47.0s

Unique Element

Race time does not carry over to the next race.

Preceding Race


Following Race

Beginner Race

The Warm-up Race is the first race in the Hamsterball Tournament. Its focus is getting the player acquainted with the controls of the game, some of the symbols, and the goal.

Visual AppearanceEdit

The race has a pink color scheme, with a magenta background, light pink walls, and a salmon-pink/white checker pattern.

The race begins atop a platform with a decline to the lower left that leads to a platform with a decline at the bottom. A rail prevents the player from falling off as the path diverges into a left decline and a right decline, and then quickly converges again. Arrows mark the correct way as the player makes their way down two more ramps to the first warning symbol of the game. The warning symbol, flanked by two black-and-white checkered flags, marks a winding ramp down which the player has no control over the hamster. At the bottom of the ramp is the goal, flanked by two more checkered flags.


This race does not contain any hazards. A warning symbol is marked on the floor for the winding ramp at the very end, but it is not possible to crash going down the ramp.

Time TrialEdit

The times needed to be rewarded for the Warm-up Race are as follows:

  • To attain a bronze medal, a time of 15.0 seconds is required.
  • To attain a silver medal, a time of 10.3 seconds is required.
  • To attain a gold medal, a time of 7.6 seconds is required.
  • To attain a Golden Weasel Award, a time of 6.6 seconds is required.

Arena Edit

The Warm-up Race does not have an arena unlock as the arena is unlocked by default.


  • The Warm-Up Race shares the same checker color with the Glass Race.
  • Although the floor for the race is composed of salmon-pink/white checkers, the flags for the race are composed of black and white checkers.
  • The race has a total of eight regular ramps and one special ramp.

Walkthrough and GalleryEdit

Hamsterball gold Warm up race 3,6 sec no broken ball

Hamsterball gold Warm up race 3,6 sec no broken ball