The Tournament is the main game mode of Hamsterball. It contains every race, and has 3 modes. Pipsqueak turns enemies off, but scores are halved and +5 seconds are added to bonuses at the beginning of races. Normal mode turns enemies on and the bonus 5 seconds before every race is gone, but scores are normal. Frenzied is the same as Normal, but theres 5 less seconds on the before race bonus, and scores are multiplied by 2. You cannot unlock Mirrored Tourney in Pipsqueak mode. There are two features in the tourney that sets you back when used. Rollback lets you go back to the previous race to try to get a better time (it is unknown if it can be used more than once), and Abort Race is used within a race to end it, however if you abort a race your score is set back to zero and you are disqualified from posting your score to the leaderboards. The tourney ends when you get to the Impossible race and finish it (bonus 200 thousand points) or you run out of time in a race (no bonus). At the end of the tourney (if you finish the Impossible race), the game calculates how many balls you broke in the tourney, and issues a bonus based on an algorythm. The algorythm is 20 - Balls = Bonus. There is also a bonus for remaining time. The bonus for minimal broken balls is optional, and is not considered a "lives" system.

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