Odd Race

Odd Race is the 8th (9th in Gold) race in the Hamsterball Tournament.

Visual Appearance Edit

The main color is orange.

Walkthrough Edit

First you turn straight. Then, make a left where you will see a ramp. Turn left and carefully avoid the slim ramp that will lead you to a stop. Following the arrows, go to the vertical wall.

To be continued...

Background color is orange.

Odd Race
Odd Race

Previous Race

Expert Race

Next Race

Toob Race

Enemies and Obstacles

Tiny 8-ball,Golden Balls

Signature feature

Odd Gravity

Golden Weasel Award

44.6 sec


The Odd Race is the ninth race in hamsterball tournament (including Neon Race) and is the oddest race of the entire game. It is so named due to it's odd path and odd gravity tilt.

Road DescriptionEdit

First there is a slope downwards. Then we go through a slim road. Then a straight path will be the beginning of the oddness of this race .After we will climb a vertical wall and then reach a twist slide. The hamsterball becomes smaller and everything becomes higher pitched, which also adds to the oddness of this race. Then we will encounter an 8-ball and go down through a twisted slope, then the size and pitch go back to normal. Then a vertical arc will take us to the the vertical goal. 


  • Tiny 8-Balls
  • Golden Balls

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