Level info
The Master Race

Level type


Previous Race

Sky Race

Next Race

Impossible Race

Enemies and Obstacles

8-Ball, Bonk the Hammer, Block Dawgs, Mousetraps, Foldups

Signature feature


Golden Weasel Award

65.0 seconds

MASTER RACE was the last race in the old Hamsterball Tournament. Since Impossible Race was added to the game in late-2008, it became the 14th and penultimate race instead.


Checker Pattern- Gray

Walls- A brown shade of yellow

Background- Black


Enemies and ObstaclesEdit


8-Ball, Bonk the Hammer, Block Dawgs

Obstacles Edit

Drawbridge, Foldups, Blast Hole (Main Feature), Tar and Tarbabies, Mousetraps


Walk throughEdit


Master Race

You are spawned in two standing tall buildings. You have to jump. Follow by a drawbridge. Be fast enough to go through a twisted path and go downwards. Prevent the 8-ball from pushing you down!. Followed by bumpers, Be fast and strong enough to pass through a long twisted path. Avoid Bonk The Hammer as he smacks you away. After the tube, you have to go through a skinny twisted path (again). Pick two paths beside the tall standing platform. Pass through the tar pit, and beware of the mousetraps preventing you from finishing the race.

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