From the deranged mind of a mad glassblower with hiccups comes... the Glass Race! It's pretty, it's shiny, it's decorative... and it's darned slippery! Have a care when you're rolling on the glass, because your hamster just can't get the traction you normally expect. But all is not lost, because if you can manage to break some glass here, you'll get a nice time bonus!

–-Pre-Race description from Tournament

Glass Race
Glass Race

Level Type


Previous Race

Wobbly Race

Next Race

Sky Race

Enemies and obstacles


Signature feature

Lots of glass platforms

Golden Weasel Award



The Glass Race is the 12th race in Hamsterball,

Race Information Edit

As the race name suggests, there is lots of glass in the race, and it also includes glass paths, and there is breakable glass near the end

Visual Appearance Edit

Like Warm Up Race, it has pink color but different,

Background color is light pink

Enemies and Obstacles Edit

Enemies Edit


Obstacles Edit


Trivia Edit

  • On the time trial, if you select it and it's not unlocked yet, it is known as "G Race" on the notification that it's not unlocked yet.

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