The beginner race is an easy roll,and if you're feeling fancy,you can try using the Bumpers to speed up a little.Be careful not to fall off the bridges,and watch for the tragic 8-Ball!.It wants to knock you off

–Pre-race Description in Tournament, This article is a stub. Help the Hamsterball Wiki! ;-)

The Beginner Race is the second race in the Hamsterball tournament. There are few enemies / obstacles added to the race. The creator decided to add them to see how are beginners doing and how good they are with those obstacles.

Visual AppearanceEdit

The Beginner Race's "checker" color is tangerine.

The Walls are deep orange.

The background is pale saffron.

Enemies and ObstaclesEdit


8-Ball- This pesky little marble is harder, stronger, and slightly bigger than your average rodent!


Bumpers- Feeling lazy on always having to control your rolling ritter? Problem solved! Bumpers give your hamster "a little" speed. Use them to your advantage!


can give your hamster only "a little"

Time TrialEdit

To achieve these medals,you need to finish this race in:

Bronze - 30.3

Silver - 24.5

Gold - 17.5

Golden Weasel Award - 15.9 seconds


  • This is the first appearance of the 8-ball.
  • There are 6 bumpers and two pipes in total.
  • This is the first time the goal is circular, the second time will be Tower Race.
  • This is the first appearance of bumpers, the second will be Toob Race.

See alsoEdit


(Note: You may use bumpers as you please.)

First, there is a ramp going down. Then, the ramp will turn sideways, then, it turns about face (with a skew curve to help you), and sideways again, leading you to the bottom. After crossing the bridge, a mirror version of the first section of the race appears. Then you cross a (long) bridge again. Go down the pipe where you will have a standoff with the 8-ball, then go down the pipe again and it will lead you to the goal.

Hamsterball Gold Beginner race 13,8 sec no broken ball00:24

Hamsterball Gold Beginner race 13,8 sec no broken ball


Beginner Race

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